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To the Parents of BBJH - 2017-2018 School Year

The first and most important goal for the faculty and staff of Bear Branch Junior High is to build meaningful relationships with our students. Sure, we have other goals; for instance, we want to help students to become more skilled writers, to be better listeners, to strengthen their numeracy, to be empathetic, and so on. But, the truth is these goals will never, ever be attained without positive, meaningful relationships with our students. We will greet students with handshakes and smiles; we will compliment them; we will make them feel welcome at our school, in our classrooms, and at school sponsored events; we will do all we can to ensure their success.

Let me leave you with the following thoughts - and this is directed at BBJH parents. I have an eight-year-old daughter that will start 3rd grade at Bear Branch Elementary on Tuesday. When I drop her off on the first day of school, I will literally be giving the faculty and staff at BBE the most important thing in my life. I could gi…

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