The Score Will Take Care of Itself

This weekend I read "The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to be a Great Teammate" by Jon Gordon. Here is a passage that was especially instructive:

Gordon wrote about the best team he'd ever been on: "Everyone focused on being a great teammate - not on winning - and we all changed. We became a united team: selfless, committed, united, hardworking, passionate, and relentless."

To a large extent, however unfortunate but no less a reality, state test scores have become the metric for a "winning" school. Regardless of any of our opinions on whether or not that is a good thing, the point is that focusing on test scores - on winning - is the wrong approach. What we should focus on is being a great teammate, building great relationships with students, teaching with our best effort and to the best of our ability, being enthusiastic and passionate about teaching ... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If we do that, the score will take care of itself.


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